James Sauceda

Inventory Reconcile

UX Audit

The client

BLAZE Retail – Dispensary POS Software designed for budtenders, delivery drivers, and front desk personnel to make life easier.

The goal

Give the user a faster way to assign mandatory reasons for inventory reconciliation. Let’s walk thru an example of a ticket and how I write User Stories and Establish Acceptance Criteria.

The Ticket

This ticket was sent to me from Support. They want to expand on the existing message copy and add a few fields to our existing form. They attached a screenshot of another product highlighting a feature we should also support.

User Story & Acceptance Criteria

This is another Image attached to the ticket showing our current form with numbers that correspond with certain callouts above. Story: As a user, I want to choose the reason and apply it to every item/product during the reconciliation process. So that I don’t have to manually set every one individually thus saving time and errors. Acceptance Criteria: Submitting a Report needs to have reasons for BLAZE & METRC as well as a field for notes.

The Outcome

Over 90% of submitted reports have used the Template Feature & Customer feedback has sprung interest in the newly discovered Split Difference feature. Only time will tell if we get around to that next project.

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